The Military Road  Built in 1856 as the first wagon road in Klickitat County as a result of the murder of Indian Agent Andrew Bolon and subsequent battles with the Yakima Indians, the road connected Fort Dalles (Oregon) with Fort Simcoe (White Swan, Washington) The 62 mile road, under the volunteer leadership of Dick and Bev Wheelhouse, has been researched and mapped. Permanent signage will be built in Warwick and Blockhouse (Washington) to memorialize the importance of the road in the protection of pioneer settlers and the development of the stage coach route to Ellensburg (Washington).

Digitizing Photographs The KCHS received a $4000 Historical Preservation grant from Klickitat County to scan, catalogue, and archive its over 2000 photographs of Klickitat County history. The goal is to have the photographs, as well as the many collectibles, available on-line.

Refurbish Steam Engine
 The 1897 Russell Steam Engine in front of the Presby House Museum will be stripped, sanded, and repainted in summer 2011. The covering will be reroofed by volunteers and donated materials.

Roofing The Presby House  Fund-raising is currently underway to reroof the Presby House. The current roof is 37 years old. Donations are being accepted at The Presby House Roof Project, PO Box 86, Goldendale, WA  98620.